28th April 2019

1. Gala tickets will go on sale on the website this week!! There are a limited number of tickets available so make sure you get yours! Those who have already registered, will receive a discount coupon via email ( to the email address you registered with). Those who have not yet registered can still do so via the website.

2. Lots of Tooli have been registering for the 10k & half marathon the past few weeks. There are a small number of entries left in both codes, so if you are interested in running or walking either make sure you register before it is too late.

3. We are just in the process of ordering our ‘Toolis Reunion’ signs. These will be erected throughout the island. (Will post a pic of them in the next update).

4. We are doing a press release about the reunion in our local newspaper ‘The Mayo News’. If anyone has any contributions, such as funny or interesting stories or facts about being a ‘Toolis’, we would love to hear from you. Please email them to toolisfamilyreunion@gmail.com

5. The countdown is on! We have only 10 weeks until the reunion. Looking forward to meeting you all then!


2 thoughts on “28th April 2019

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  1. Hi

    My mum would love to meet up with relatives she older so could not go to ball etc. could suggest that there b a cup of tea in afternoon say keel hall or similar for older people who left Achill and those who still live there to catch up. People in 70’s 80’s etc. She lives in Dublin now but hope to be there that weekend . Thanks Caroline


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