5th June 2019

1. Reunion Meeting

The committee had a very productive 3 hour meeting on Monday last, where we were busy finalising all arrangements for the reunion.


2. Family Tree printing

Our family tree is currently with the printers. A lot of work is required to piece it all together as it contains approx 300 A4 pages.

3. Posters/Banners/signs

Our signs have been made & we think they look great, we hope you do too! They will be erected around Achill this weekend. We are also getting a banner made which will be displayed on the way into Dookinella (Our ancestral home). Posters & brochures are also in production with information on all activities planned for the weekend.


4. Welcome Night

A warm welcome awaits you at our welcome night in the Amethyst Bar & Restaurant on Thursday 4th at 7.30pm. Achill Tourism will be in attendance on the night to welcome you all & also outline what to do & see over the coming days.

5. T Shirts

Our ‘Team Toolis’ Achill T- shirts are proving to be a big hit. We will be selling these at a reduced rate to you at the welcome night & on Friday at the exhibition (If we have any left over)!

6. Buses

A bus has been organised for those of you that would like to take a guided tour of Achill. This is arranged for Friday 5th. There are 2 pick up times: 10am or 2.30pm. The tour will take approx 2/2.5hrs. Pick up will be outside Keel Hall (where exhibition is taking place). We are also providing transport to & from the Gala Dinner for those who may wish not to drive on the night. You can reserve your seat at the welcome night. * Payment for both these options to be made to the bus driver on the day.

7. Gala Dinner

Our Gala Dinner commences at 6pm on Sunday 7th. We will be showing a slideshow of pictures of Tooli from around the world. We will also be showing the much anticipated interview from Lee, all the way from Australia. We hope to have a ‘roaming Mike’ also on the night, so if anyone would like to contribute or get involved (5 mins max) please get in touch at toolisfamilyreunion@gmail.com

8. Ticket sales

We have to date sold 213 tickets (169 adults, 14 teenagers & 30 children). We had to shut eventbrite down during the week as we had almost reached capacity. The remaining 60 or so will be sold locally.

9. Our sponsors

Finally, we would like to acknowledge & thank the people who have made donations to us so far! This money will be used to assist us with printing costs (as they are a lot higher than anticipated). It will also be used to purchase the plaque & if possible to provide some refreshments on welcome night. Looking forward to meeting you all next month in amazing Achill The Toolis Reunion Committee

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